Wedding Videography Key Largo

Wedding Videography Key Largo

Many newlyweds understand a wedding video at their destination wedding in Key Largo or the Florida Keys will capture memorable moments of their big day. To remember the special event, share with people that cannot attend and watch with family and friends for years to come, a proper wedding video is as important as beautiful photos.

When your guests arrive at your location or mingle during cocktail hour while you and your husband are taking your photographs with your photographer, a wedding videographer may capture those special moments you might not be able to witness. The use of music, narrative, and moments from your wedding day raises the bar for wedding day preservation.

Everyone has experienced watching our best friend’s wedding video while perched up on cushions at their home. It’s too bad that it resembles a corny scene from The Wedding Singer rather than a sweet snapshot of one of her best moments. As your ceremony draws near, you start questioning whether this is the only option for matrimonial flicks.
So, if you are looking for the best wedding videographers, you have come to the right place! Prestige Pictures is the best for making memorable and awesome wedding videos!

Prestige Pictures wedding videographers in Florida Keys

Prestige Pictures is a top Key Largo wedding video company and has been shooting in Florida Keys for over a decade. We’ve learned how to make your big day go as smoothly as possible so that you can obtain the greatest scenes while reducing your stress level from every wedding and event we’ve ever organized or participated in.

We’ll walk you through every step of the procedure and plan a schedule for the whole day so you can unwind and soak in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We have put together a team of experienced and passionate photographers and videographers to help you always remember your big day.

Our distinguished team of wedding video pros in Key Largo, Florida will collaborate closely with you to ensure your ideal wedding is fulfilled. None of our rivals’ photographers can match us in fine art, handmade videos, and specialized service. You’ll receive innumerable compliments on your wedding pictures and film for the rest of your life.

Our mission is to provide the greatest photography and videography in Key Largo and Islamorada to make wedding one to remember. We want to participate in the most romantic love tales ever captured on film. Be a one-stop shop for wedding and event photography and videography in Key Largo, offering premium services tailored to each client’s unique needs.

What are the core values of Prestige Pictures that make it the best?

 Below are some of the core values of Prestige Pictures,

Encourage creativity:

We make a lot of effort to think creatively and to value variety in all facets of our business. We constantly experiment and pick up new skills in front of and behind the camera since we’re not happy to sit on our laurels. We’re a team of creatives that take great pride in what we do and are very devoted to doing our best to satisfy our clients.¬†

Growth & Innovation:

We are constantly looking for new and improved methods to serve you since, in our business, we think that constant innovation is the secret to success.

Focus on the customer:

For us, a wedding doesn’t succeed until the client is happy with the full experience we deliver, including our photography and videos. Just as important as the videos we take, our clients like working with us. Our main objective is to accurately record our clients’ emotions when they occur.


What are some of the reasons to choose Prestige Pictures?

Below are some of the top reasons to choose Prestige Pictures for your big day,


Our first objective is to gracefully capture your most special day while causing the least disruption. While the movie is important, we believe maintaining your composure on your wedding day is much more important. You and your guests will feel relaxed as we covertly and gently record your wedding. Our camera operators have a wide range of artistic abilities and expertise. Being on time, responsible, and reliable are our top concerns. Your wedding video is in extremely skilled hands.


Taking video of unplanned and original scenarios aids in telling the story of your great day. The most romantic and dynamic aspects of your day are carefully woven into the technical preparation. Using a natural and captivating blend of dramatic and cinematic elements, we’ll tell the story of your wedding day. We combine gorgeous edits with outstanding ones to create moving photographs that will never disrespect your ideal day.


We enjoy making movies because we adore them. It is that simple. There is nothing more exciting and inspirational than a couple in love. We feel honored and happy to be a part of your special day. Your wedding film, photography, and the safety of the whole wedding party are our top priorities. Our goal is to give you the most exquisite wedding records possible.

Establishing expectations with your client:

You and your clients NEED to agree on the final result. Your customer could have watched a wedding video and assumed your offering would be similar. We discuss our capabilities with our customers over a meal. A novice shooter faces the danger of missing a crucial opportunity.

Weddings are love stories:

Thinking of a wedding video as a love tale is one of the finest ways to approach it. You will be guided and directed by the plot while you edit and shoot the video if you keep the narrative in



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