When it comes to creating your corporate videos you must be prepared to be in front of the camera and by doing so you must be confident. Below are some tips and tricks to help you put on your best performance with the camera rolling.

Be Prepared

Know what you are going to say on camera  and do not just wing it. Have a list of bullet points to reference so you do not go on a tangent and run out of important things to say. 

Practice in front of friends and family and in front of a mirror. Make sure you are speaking clearly and conveying the message you want to get across to your audience. Double check to be sure you are not saying ums and ahs, fidgeting your hands or any other distracting movements. If this is an interview style video, take time to be educated in all aspects of the discussion so you are not caught off guard. 

Come Well Dressed

It is important to come well dressed and groomed for your video session so that you are confident and presentable to your audience. Look the part of whatever you are speaking on. Where a freshly dry cleaned version of your office uniform, business professional clothing, a white lab coat or mechanic overalls – whatever best represents the company image. Get a haircut or wax your eyebrows, dye your hair purple if that is what your look is and make sure to touch up your roots if needed! Avoid wearing distracting patterns or ties and if it is a green screen shoot avoid wearing green (your video production company will give specific instructions) Also avoid wearing high shorts that constantly need to be adjusted or tops where your boobs pop out. Look great but be comfortable so you are at your top-level performance.

Prime Your Mind

For some people being in front of the camera makes them freeze up and gives them a sense of nervousness. This is nothing you cannot overcome. Sometimes we will run through a few unrecorded takes to calm the nerves and get you comfortable but remember it is not a live performance. Our job as a corporate video production company is to coach you and find your best takes in the editing process so do not put all the pressure on yourself to be perfect because it will have an adverse effect. If you follow the steps in the be prepared section like practicing in front of a mirror, this will help. For certain shoots we may even give the client spirits or a cocktail to relax the mood but do not over do it.

Speak From the Heart

If you want a message to really resonate with the viewer who is seeing the content speak from the heart. This means speaking with passion about a subject that strikes a nerve inside you. Why do you do what you do? What sets you apart? An inspiring story? By speaking from the heart you will naturally look better on camera and your message will flow with emphasis prompting action. If you cannot seem to find this spark, take time to create a list and include info about your business and stories like customer experiences and success with your product or service.


By coming to the production set well prepared, dressed your best, speaking from the heart and having the right mindset you are guaranteed to be confident in front of the camera. For more tips and insight about video production, make sure to subscribe to our mailing list.